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Roof Repair and Maintenance

We understand that when you have a roof leak, you need timely and affordable service. We also realize the current leak may not be the only concern on a roof and believe that there is a better way. A proactive approach to roof repair and maintenance can make the most of your roofing dollars by finding and correcting potential problems before they become roof leaks.


Roof Replacement

Repairs and maintenance can extend the life of your roof, but the time will come when replacement is necessary. Whether from the normal aging process or a catastrophic event, such as hail, wind or fire, we can create a replacement solution that fits your needs and your budget, with minimal or no impact to your business operations. We are experts at working with insurance companies to facilitate the insurance restoration process.


New Construction

We work with general contractors and owners to install new roofing systems on all types of new construction projects. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of new construction and we are up to the challenge.

Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are a great option to extend the life of your roof. Don’t replace it, restore it! We install roof coating products from only the best manufacturers in the industry, with industry-leading warranties, up to 30 years.


Metal Roof Retrofit

Another popular option for existing metal roof systems is to install a new metal roof retrofit system. A metal roof retrofit is a cost-effective solution and provides many benefits, including highly reflective membrane options, improved energy efficiency through the addition of insulation and can extend the life of an existing roof for 20 years or longer when installed over a worn metal roof.


Roof Inspection Services

Most building owners don’t know the condition of their existing roof until they experience a leak. Or you may be an owner looking to purchase or sell a building, and you need an inspection for due diligence purposes. Whatever the circumstances, we will inspect your roof, and provide you with a full written report.

“As a start-up, we needed a cost effective solution for the roof on the building we purchased. It needed to be replaced, but wasn’t within our budget. X-Tek provided an innovative option which no other contractor did, at half the cost, and with a 10-year warranty.”



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